Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Walworth County Fair!

We don't usually get to make it to the Walworth County Fair, but this year we made an effort to go.  A young girl (well 18, young as far as I'm concerned), whom worked for my husband for awhile, made one of my quilts.  "Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate".  She entered it into the Rock County Fair and won.  And now entered it into the Walworth County Fair and won.  Way to go Amanda!  Here it is! 

Here are more of some of the quilts that were entered.

This one was great!  Little nine-patches on point.  The nine-patches measured 1 1/2".  And this was also hand quilted.  Below is a closer picture.

I don't know the person who did this, but I really enjoyed it.  Good job to whoever this person is! 
Wonderful quilt.  I love sawtooth stars and also pieced borders.
Well, don't you just love to see this.  Only a teenager could sleep in the middle of a cow barn with all these people going by.  Hmmm, some days I wish I could do that!

And this was a first for me.  I've never seen a long haired cow.  Very neat!  It was Delaney's first time seeing farm animals up close.  She seemed to enjoy it.  Although, everything four legged was a doggie.  Of course, when you have dogs as big as ours, cows some how do compare.

Till next time!  PJR

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