Monday, December 26, 2011

My Old Fashioned Santa!

Well, I have an interesting story about my Santa.  He's the one in front of my trees on my porch.

I made him about 18-20 years ago, a very long process that has to be done in steps over a few weeks.  So, when they say patience is a virtue, they are so right.

Notice he isn't in this picture!

So, a couple weeks ago, one of my employees noticed a lady leaving the shop, she did not purchase anything, which really shouldn't matter, but she had her jacket on when she walked out the door and as she was walking towards her car, she had her jacket off, under her arm, with something in it.  Diane, my employee, walked over to the door and noticed this, but at first she thought she had a bolt of fabric.  I know what you're thinking.  Quilters are honest people.  Yes, that's was I always think, but I'm always amazed when things like this happen.  Diane noticed a smidgen of red sticking out from her jacket.  She looked down, and yes, the Santa was missing.  Then she noticed that my Santa was missing.  Yes, gone! 

Well, then she called me over right away, explained the situation and away I went.  Out to her car.  This lady was acting very fidgety, trying to cover what it was in her passenger seat but, I noticed a bit of his coat prior to her covering him, that confirmed it.  I asked her to bring her window down and she finally put it down about 4".  I politely asked her to remove her jacket so that I could see what was under it.  She asked, "Why?", then I explained that he was missing and that my employee saw her jacket covering him while she walked to her car.  She got very anxious then and said, "I don't have to.".  Well, I felt very angry then, that someone would just up and take something that didn't belong to them. 

She proceeded to put back her car up as I was asking her to please show me what it was under her jacket.  She then proceeded to put her car in drive.  So, I decided to stand in front of her car.  Probably not the most intelligent thing I've ever done!  But, I really thought that she would just give him up.  Well, with me standing in front of her car, she just put it in reverse, so then I kept walking along side her passenger side.  I was talking to her the whole time, explaining to her that it wasn't a very good idea to leave and that I had her license plate numbers, the make and model of her car.   So, she had to stop to put her car in drive, and at that point, for some weird reason, I decided that holding on to her side mirror might encourage her to stop.  Or, maybe I could hold her car back.  NOT!  She took off down the driveway. 

I ran in and wrote down her license number and then the adrenaline kicked in.  My mouth dried up and I started to shake.  I couldn't even punch 911.  I've never had this happen to me before.  I had to ask Diane to do it for me.  After some explaining to the dispatcher, how big, what he looked like, and other fun stuff, they sent out a deputy sheriff, actually 2 riding together. 

They arrived and one came in while the other one walked down to out mail box.  He came walking up with my Santa.  We came to the conclusion that she drove back and threw him out the window.  

We asked the two deputy sheriffs if the call they received to this sounded kind of odd.  They said the call came in as, "Please respond to 5130 E US Hwy 14 in regards to a stolen Santa off the porch."  He explained that it sounded "interesting". 

So, as it turned out, they went to her home and after much questioning and telling her that there were two of us that saw the Santa, she finally admitted to taking him.  I have to add here that this lady was around 60 and drove a Cadillac.  She did not look like someone that would do something like that.  I know we shouldn't stereotype people, but really, I'm sure she could've bought her own Santa.


The way it ended up was that I didn't have any charges brought up against her, which my husband said that I should have, but she is not allowed back on our property or she could be arrested for trespassing.  My Santa is now back home, a little damage to his beard, but overall, he looks pretty good.

Moral of the story, you just can't trust everybody!

Till next time!  PJR


  1. Wow!! I'm glad he is back, but I'm sorry you had to go through all that. I just don't understand some people!!

  2. Wow ---What a happy ending for you and "Santa"! Happy that is is back where he belongs...

    Merry Christmas, Carolyn :)

  3. What a shame! Although I am happy you got your Santa back. If she would have gotten away with it I wonder how she could have lived with herself knowing she stole it!!?
    I like happy endings.

  4. I am so sorry that happened to you. When I had my shop, we had a couple of 'interesting' shop lifters. If you lived close, I would invite you over for tea and spend a couple of hours telling you about them! Glad he is home safe and sound!!

  5. I have read your Post about 5 times...still is unbelievable to me!! My heart would have just been racing when she drove away. I totally understand how you felt! I'm so glad you got your Santa back. People are crazy sometimes!! Have a Happy New Year! :-)

  6. Well, having represented all kinds of people who did all kinds of horrible things to other people, I'm not surprised. Quilters can be thieves; or maybe she wasn't a quilter. BUT you are lucky you didn't get hurt! Remind me to tell you (after some wine) about the guy who tried to prevent my client from stealing his truck... Next time....

  7. Wow! The nerve of some people. I'm glad she didn't run over you. I would have done the same thing if someone tried to steal some of my Christmas decorations. You're lucky you have such an observant employee!

  8. glad you got him back! I was relieved that, in the end, you said "you can't trust everybody" because I was afraid you were going to say "you can't trust anybody". Good than you can keep it in perspective. Maybe she wanted the "thrill" of the steal?? Who knows what goes thru their minds....Take care...