Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where Did The Time Go?

Hi All,

I missed posting anything in January and here it is the last day of February and I'm finally getting around to it.  I was a little/a lot under the weather in January with a flu bug then just when I started feeling better, I came down with this sinus crap going around.  Hmmm, not sure who's out to get me!  You find out real fast that life doesn't stop just because you do.  Work just kept piling up and it took me a good amount of time to trudge through it. 

Anyways, I did manage to fit in a couple retreats.  The first one was the third weekend in January (where I came down with the flu), but managed to stay the entire weekend and still managed to have fun. 

These are just some of the photo's I took from that weekend.  The staff at Covenant Harbor was so welcoming.  They even put up a sign for us. 
We had a couple of projects planned for the weekend.  One of them was making mittens from wool sweaters.  This was just one of the pairs.  They were so much fun!  And thanks to Micki, she provided a basketful of felted sweaters. 

Here is the group that worked on the mitten project.  They were so proud of themselves!  Each and every pair turned out so cute.

Next we had a bit of a race doing that "Super Fast Jelly Roll" quilt.  Here's Bonnie's made from Homespun fabrics.  You ask, where do you find homespuns cut into Jelly Rolls?  Well, we cut them at the shop.  They are great.  She choose to join her strips on the bias.   Isn't it wonderful!

This is Martha's JR quilt.  Well, I'm bad, I can't remember what line this is from, but I believe it's a 3 Sister's line.  Way to go Martha!  Gotta love it.

Here is Sandy's JR quilt made from Kansas Troubles fabrics.  How great is that.  All of them turned out splendid and everyone seem to really enjoy doing the project. 


I just have to throw this in there.  We've been on a little bit of a kick for the last few years or so.  You take an antique Shawnee planter and either put a felted ball in it or fill a pouch with sand, place it in the planter, then cover it with wool and glue in place.  Voila!  You have a vintage pincushion.  One of these is not a Shawnee, but antique.  Cute!

Here are some of quilts that the ladies worked on over the weekend.

This is Marge with her "Stone Soup" quilt.  She made is a bit bigger than the actual pattern.

This is Debbie's "Pennies From Heaven".  It's almost done here.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  The wool and embellishing is to die for.

And DarLynn worked on a Schnibbles pattern.  Actually, it's a revision that Carrie Nelson put on her blog, called "Tiny Town".  Oh Fun!

This is Randy's quilt that she made with toile fabric from Paris.  We all drooled over this quilt.  And the quilting was done by Marge and is absolutely wonderful.

This is "Dipped in Chocolate" and I believe it's Cathy's quilt.  I made the same one, but my border is darker, so I know it's not mine.  We did a block exchange to make this quilt.  They are little four-patches that finish at 1 1/2" each.  Oh fun!

I'm not sure who made this quilt, but I just loved it.  Very scrappy!  Whoever the owner is, please let me know.  I need to give credit, where it's due.


Here's Rose's Farmer's Wife Quilt.  She just finished it and I know she was thrilled with how it turned out.  We started this 2 years ago.  Way to go Rose!

This is my "Heirloom Stitches" quilt.  We did this last year as a Block of the Month.  It's made with cotton fabrics, but the applique is wool.  DarLynn helped me with this immensely.  I owe her big time.  

Lastly, this is Delaney after I got home from the retreat.  She thinks that my Tutto Tote is not for my machine, but for grandpa to pull her around in.  She actually sits in it while he pulls her.  Delaney's awaiting a little brother or sister in less than a month now.  We are all getting very excited. 

I'll post pictures from the retreat I went on last weekend soon, but my husband and I are off to Texas tomorrow to see our son.

Till Later, PJR