Monday, September 19, 2011

Love that Bug!

Last week my husband and I were driving down this country road on our way home.  The brakes went on as we passed by this house that had a couple little bikes with training wheels, a children's play kitchen, a play vegetable stand, and a motorized "Love Bug".  I immediately called my daughter to see if she was interested in any one of these items and of course she wasn't sure.  You know, when they are slightly used, you never know how good they really are, but she was not seeing them in person, we were.  They were impeccable.  Very clean and in very good shape and I know that they can cost quite a bit brand new.  So the next day I met her there to find that nothing was put out front.  Well, I'm not one to settle for that.  I walked up to the door, rang the bell, and sure enough, someone was home and she allowed up to see the "goods".  We each ended up with something.  She bought the little play kitchen and I bought the "bug".  Well, I guess it's really a Barbie "Bug", but we are calling it the "Love Bug".

 So, later that night Briana and Dan were coming to the house.  And Delaney too.  So, we had to try the little "Love Bug" out.  Well, she's a little small for it right now, but she really seemed to enjoy it.  She really liked to plastic flower.  Mom had to sit part way into it and take Delaney for a spin.  It was a big hit!  Can't wait till next summer, she should be able to hopefully reach the gas pedal. 

Till Next Time!  PJR

The Best Burger Ever!

Friends of ours have a party every year, well, this was the second annual.  Hopefully, they will make it an annual event.  They call it their "Jimmy Buffet" party or to take a second place, "Warren Buffet" party.  Anyways, I've got to show you this burger. 

Doesn't this burger look awesome!  And I'm not even a burger fan.

Here it is again with Deb, who made this burger.  It's a cake!  It was about 9" round and about 7" tall.  She used all edible things in it.  This was something new for Deb, she's not a cake expert, but found it in a magazine and decided to try it.  I think she did a fantastic job.  Way to go Deb!

And thanks for putting on a great party.  We had lots of fun, the margaritas/daiquiris were scrumptious, food was delicious, and the company was great.  Hope you continue to carry on this wonderful party.

Till Next Time!  PJR

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quilt Expo!!!

Oh what fun it was!  But I'm really glad it's over.  It's so much work and you spend 3 months getting ready for this big event and then, whish, it's over in 3 days.  Here are some pics that I took and as you can see, I didn't get out much, so it's only my booth and the quilts that we had on display.   
This is our booth, it came together very nice.  I had great help and a wonderful friend that lent me some great props and furniture. 

This is the quilt that I just finished 2 weeks ago.  We named it "PJ's Puzzle Pieces" and it went over big!  We sold out of patterns by the second day and had to go to Staples and get more printed.  Thank God for Thumb drives.  By the third day we sold out of the ones we printed, but not till 5pm.  It was a huge hit.

Another great quilt.  This was designed by a good friend, Marge.  She made it from scraps leftover from a kit.  Then she lent it to me to make up the pattern.  This also sold well.  Good job, Marge!

This one is called "Emma's Star Quilt".  My friend, DarLynn made it.  It was a huge hit.  Mainly because it was antiqued and the way she antiqued it was unusual.  Word spread fast.  I had people coming into the booth just to see the quilt that was "baked".  We all kept laughing.  Really, it was a huge hit!

This is our "Anna's Summer Quilt".  This was made with shirting reproductions.  Once it was finished, quilted, and bound, we tan dyed it.  We also used a bamboo batting.  It feels awesome.  You got to love the simplicity of this quilt, and great cross hatching.

Here's a great small quilt.  We named this "Imogene & Ivy".  Don't ask why, cause I'm really not sure.  I just like it.  This block was partially paper pieced and came together very nice.  Love it!

And this one turned out great too.  This is called "Matilda's Quilt".  This was made from a Moda line called "Dominique".  We love this line of fabric.  It's too bad you can't see how great the fabrics are.  Love it!

Another great small quilt.  We've made this quilt over and over again.  It's called "Stone Soup" and you can make it from a Honey Bun and some setting fabric.  It goes together like butter.  How wonderful is that!

And another awesome small quilt.  This one is "Clementine's Attic".  It's made with a Charm Pack, Honey Bun, and some setting fabric.  It is sooooo sweet that you just can't help but not want it!

And lastly, another big hit, "Pearl 'n Ruby"!  This little quilt was so cute that we only had one kit left by day three.  I think we may have to remake this one in a bigger size.  I just love how it turned out.  Thank you, DarLynn!

That concludes our newest of our quilts.  Now to get them hung in the shop.  Hopefully, tomorrow!  But then again, I have too much to do tomorrow to be hanging quilts.  Well, then, Thursday it will be!

Till next time!  PJR

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

That time of year!

So, I was going to post this last week, but somehow I'm not sure where last week went.  We were getting ready for Quilt Expo and my days and nights were running together.  I spent most of Sunday and Monday trying to play catch up on sleep and other things that got left undone.

On labor day I made this yummy potato soup.  My family absolutely loves this soup.  And who doesn't like soup when the weather starts to turn.  When I make it, it literally makes into a meal, and of course, I make a double batch.  I knew the rest of the week was going to be PB&J sandwiches and whatever else was easy, so Monday was a good day for this soup.
This soup is great with a french baguette and makes a great lunch for the next day.  Also, this recipe calls for asparagus, but my family really likes broccoli, so we substitute.  Here's the recipe for those of you that would like to try it out.
Asparagus Potato Soup
1 Pint Half & Half
1 Jar Old English Cheese Spread
1 Sm Bunch Green Onions, Chopped
2 Chicken Bouillon Cubes
1 C Water, plus 3 T
2 T Flour
2 T Butter
1/4 t Nutmeg
1 Pkg Asparagus, cooked and drained
2 C Potatoes, Cubed and parboiled
1 C Cubed Ham

Start by par boiling the potatoes.
Steam asparagus, drain.
Chop onions, place in large pan with butter, and saute.
Heat the 1 cup of water in microwave and add bouillon cubes, when dissolved, add to pan.
Add half & half, nutmeg, and asparagus.
Mix flour and 3 T water together till smooth.
Stir flour mixture into pan.
Add cheese to mixture and continue to cook over low heat, do not burn.

Till Next Time!  PJR

Walworth County Fair!

We don't usually get to make it to the Walworth County Fair, but this year we made an effort to go.  A young girl (well 18, young as far as I'm concerned), whom worked for my husband for awhile, made one of my quilts.  "Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate".  She entered it into the Rock County Fair and won.  And now entered it into the Walworth County Fair and won.  Way to go Amanda!  Here it is! 

Here are more of some of the quilts that were entered.

This one was great!  Little nine-patches on point.  The nine-patches measured 1 1/2".  And this was also hand quilted.  Below is a closer picture.

I don't know the person who did this, but I really enjoyed it.  Good job to whoever this person is! 
Wonderful quilt.  I love sawtooth stars and also pieced borders.
Well, don't you just love to see this.  Only a teenager could sleep in the middle of a cow barn with all these people going by.  Hmmm, some days I wish I could do that!

And this was a first for me.  I've never seen a long haired cow.  Very neat!  It was Delaney's first time seeing farm animals up close.  She seemed to enjoy it.  Although, everything four legged was a doggie.  Of course, when you have dogs as big as ours, cows some how do compare.

Till next time!  PJR