Friday, July 12, 2013

A Night In Bend Oregon

I'm spending the week in Sunriver Oregon with friends Randy, Lori, Debbie, DarLynn, Claire, and Anne, quilting at Randy's place.  Beautiful weather and wonderful times.
We're enjoying the evening in Bend listening to an instrumental band called "The Pink Martinis". 
We're having such a great time, but my friends here aren't especially fond of this picture.   Oh well.
Till later.  PJR


  1. It's so much fun and I'm glad with you.

  2. You should post more often!! It's so great reading your posts! Oh and having you in Sunriver is off the charts!! WONDERFUL!~!

  3. I'm looking forward to your next blog post. I hope you don't wait another 4 months! lolrof!!

  4. It is amazing that you find the time to quilt with such a large family, including your children and a grandchild. It seems like you had a great time visiting your friends in Oregon. The photo shows off some truly good times with great friends. Good luck with the blog.

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  5. Geez Pat, you post even less than me. I know you are a very busy lady but I know you also have lots of interesting things to say! cheers, CW

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