Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This is one of my favorite holidays.  I really miss seeing those little ones all dressed up now that we live in the country.  But this year we had Delaney for a few days while my daughter and son-in-law are on vacation in Los Cabos.  We have had so much fun!  Although, we handed her off last night to her other grandma and grandpa, so that they can enjoy her as well.  The great thing was that we were able to dress her up in her costume and take her to our friends house in town (our old neighborhood) and then to a few houses.  She really liked doing that. 

Here she is in her Cow costume.  We even got the Mooo down, but we forgot about the "trick or treat" saying.  There's always next year.

Our friends, Kim & Deb, gave her the little pumpkin bag filled with goodies.  And she found a package of mini oreos and also found out how good they were.  Yum! 

She also spent most of the time at our house competing for space with all the animals.  Along side Niko, looking at something they find interesting.  I'm not so sure what that was though.  She really liked picking up the dog food and feeding it to Niko and Gracie.  I showed her how to put her hand out flat and they would lick it off the palm of her hand.  Not the best habit, I'm sure, but g-ma let her do it and we can do that at our house :-)

I didn't get all of her dog in this photo, but that's Kenzie.  She's a Cockapoo and very smart.  Kenzie and Delaney play together quite a bit.  It's very interesting how they understand each other.

She also liked Tipper, one of our cats.  I was amazed how gentle she was with her and also with how tolerant Tipper was.

Well, now that Delaney isn't here anymore, I'd better go get some work done.  Lots to do and so very little time.  I have two patterns to write up today and do some kitting on another large quilt.  So off to work I go!

Till Later, PJR