Monday, September 19, 2011

Love that Bug!

Last week my husband and I were driving down this country road on our way home.  The brakes went on as we passed by this house that had a couple little bikes with training wheels, a children's play kitchen, a play vegetable stand, and a motorized "Love Bug".  I immediately called my daughter to see if she was interested in any one of these items and of course she wasn't sure.  You know, when they are slightly used, you never know how good they really are, but she was not seeing them in person, we were.  They were impeccable.  Very clean and in very good shape and I know that they can cost quite a bit brand new.  So the next day I met her there to find that nothing was put out front.  Well, I'm not one to settle for that.  I walked up to the door, rang the bell, and sure enough, someone was home and she allowed up to see the "goods".  We each ended up with something.  She bought the little play kitchen and I bought the "bug".  Well, I guess it's really a Barbie "Bug", but we are calling it the "Love Bug".

 So, later that night Briana and Dan were coming to the house.  And Delaney too.  So, we had to try the little "Love Bug" out.  Well, she's a little small for it right now, but she really seemed to enjoy it.  She really liked to plastic flower.  Mom had to sit part way into it and take Delaney for a spin.  It was a big hit!  Can't wait till next summer, she should be able to hopefully reach the gas pedal. 

Till Next Time!  PJR

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  1. Absolutely adorable picture!!! What a great find!