Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Guy and His Dogs!

Okay, so over 7 years ago we had a wonderful, non shedding, knee high dog.  She was well behaved and we loved her.  Well, she was 15 years old and we were moving out to the country and were hoping at that age she would adapt okay.  Her eyesight wasn't all that good and her hearing was going.  She had a little bit of arthritis, but still managed to take walks with me till later that summer.  It got to be too much. She passed that following May of 2005.  We will forever miss her.
I knew that we would be moving as soon as our house in the city sold and my thought was to get another dog right away.  That way, and I hat to say this, but when the time came that she may pass, it might be easier.  I really don't know if anything can make that any easier.
Well, a couple months later my nephew was going to breed his St Bernard with my other nephew's St Bernard.  Now, what are the chances that 2 nephews (cousins to each other) both have St Bernards that aren't fixed?  Well, it worked and the puppies were born the following February 4th.  They were sooooo cute.
I continued to beg annoy my husband to go see them and ask for one.  We even brought friends with us once to go see them.

 So, as you can see, they were just adorable.  All huddled up next to each other, fast asleep.  All ten of them.
This is Gracie at 12 weeks old.  Now, who wouldn't love a face like that?

My husband was the least bit thrilled with getting a large dog of this breed.  Not just the size, but the hair, the drooling, the amount of food, which produces, well, you know what!!!  But I really felt as though it would be good to have a large dog when we knew we were moving to the country.  Somehow, I convinced him.  She is neither my dog nor his.  That's one thing about a St Bernard that is interesting, they don't take sides.  But they are the most affectionate dogs.
Here she is with 2 of the outdoor cats.  She really enjoys the cats and they love laying with her for warmth.

We were lucky, she is not as big as she should be for her breed.  She weighs 115 lbs, which is about 30-50 lbs under normal.  Also, she's not a big drooler, but she sheds like no tomorrow.

My husband now says, "And your mother (referring to me) didn't want you!".  WHAT?  Reverse that comment.

So, we now have 2, yes 2 big dogs.  A year ago February, a good friend of mine wanted to go to Iowa to look at a Bernese Mt Dog.  She told me she was going to buy one from an Amish gentleman.  Well, all I could think of was, "Puppy Mill".  I told her I wanted to go with.  Next thing you know, my husband decides he wants to come.  Then, he says, "I think Gracie needs a playmate.".  So this is how, Niko came to be.

Niko is 12 weeks old here.  At this age, Gracie is not too sure about him.  Maybe it's those puppy teeth.

So, now I'm finally getting around to what this is really all about.  "A Guy with His Dogs".
Last night my husband, Dennis is laying with both dogs.  I couldn't resist taking this picture.  I think Niko thinks he's in trouble!
Now, who's the crazy one in this household?  He often says, "I didn't think I would really love a large dog, but I can't imagine having anything but a large dog.".  So, he has spent pretty much the entire summer putting up a fence and putting down mulch for a walking path around 4 1/2 acres of our land, just to be able to walk the dogs without leashes.  He is one crazy man, but we love him! 

Till later, PJR


  1. What adorable pups *s* Easy to see how he decided to come over to the 'doggy' side!

  2. They are both beautiful! I shed a little tear or two with this story. And then I laughed at the end! Men are sure silly!