Thursday, August 4, 2011

Delaney's 1st Birthday!

 Sunday was Delaney's unofficial birthday with a small party. 
 She wasn't really into the cupcake too much.  She didn't want to dig in and eat it right up.  Although, up till now she has never had anything with sugar, so it's all very foreign to her.
This is my D#1, Briana, Delaney's mom.  Delaney is wearing her birthday hat, which is made from an ice cream cone.  She liked feeling the fuzzy part on top.
Yesterday was her official birthday, so mom thought that an ice cream cone was in order.  She really liked it.  Can you tell?

 This is the outfit that I made Delaney for her birthday.  It just fits, but seeing that there will only be another 6 weeks of warm weather, she'll have to wear some to get use out of it. 
She even kept the hat on the whole time she had her outfit on.  The stroller and doll were from a friend, but that is her first baby doll.  She absolutely loves pushing her baby around.

Talk Later!  PJR

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