Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fun Stuff!

This past week has been a blur, not to mention, I never pulled out my camera.  No, not even once.  I spent the entire week getting ready for our Bus Hop, which was Friday and Saturday.  But the weekend prior to this, I did have a little fun. 

First, here's Delaney with her new "Plasma Car".  After I spent some time at Fern Hill with Randy and others, she mentioned to me about this Plasma Car.  I couldn't resist.  When I got home from Fern Hill, I immediately ordered one.

Briana and Delaney stopped by for lunch one day and I just had to get it out I couldn't resist showing her the new car.  She loved it.  But for now, it's staying at our house.  She will be staying with us at the end of this week for a few days and she'll love having it here.

 Now, here are the dogs!  Hmmm, my daughter took this picture with her phone, so it's not the best, but if you look real hard, there are three of them up there.  My first reaction was, why are they on my sofa, which they are not allowed!  But they're upstairs on this futon (old) and that is okay, but really, all three!  Now that is too funny!  You would never know that it's two dogs that are over 100# each and one that is almost 50#.   They somehow managed to get all scrunched up together. 

Now for the really good stuff.  I managed to get a little sewing time in on the weekend prior to the bus hop.  This one is a wall hanging or table topper called "Yankee Stars" and finishes at 22" x 22".  It's a fun take on those Jo Morton Stars and a variation of a courthouse steps.

It goes together so nice and even a beginner quilter can do this!

And Voila!  Done, and it really didn't take all day.  That's what I like about some of these smaller fun projects.  And don't you just love how they stars managed to get centered in the middle?  What a great way to use this fabric.

Now onto more fun things.  I have 2 more small quilts to do and put a border on my House Sampler.  Pictures to follow.

Till Later, PJR

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